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Get DIRECTV, the #1 Choice for Satellite TV

Don’t settle – get the best television for your family. It’s a fact: DIRECTV is America’s #1 satellite TV service. See why more than 20 million people across the country choose DIRECTV for first-rate television packages, equipment and more. There’s just nothing better. Choose DIRECTV today and see just how exciting television can be!

Learn all the ways DIRECTV stands above all the other television companies – get all the details, then call today to order your very own DIRECTV package!

DIRECTV is Simply the Best

From HD channel counts to sports packages to unbeatable availability, DIRECTV always comes out on top. Enjoy excellent entertainment, impressive equipment and so much more – here’s why DIRECTV is the greatest choice for you!

DIRECTV is Available Everywhere

Moving to a rural town? Live right in the middle of a major city? Or in the suburbs? Wherever you live, DIRECTV is available! Satellite TV service does not have the same locational limitations as cable TV. To enjoy DIRECTV at home, you’ll just need a clear view of the southern sky for your satellite dish to receive the television signals.

DIRECTV is available at 100% of U.S. households – yours included! Call today to get more information – and remember to see if you can bundle TV with reliable Internet service in your area to save money, too.


DIRECTV Provides 200+ HD Channels

See every detail of the shows, movies and sports you love, only with DIRECTV’s crisp HD service. The HD channel lineup from DIRECTV is unsurpassable – you won’t find this many full-time HD channels from any other cable or satellite TV provider. With a lineup of more than 200+ full-time hi-def channels, DIRECTV is the leader in HD.1

Pick out a package today and see how many HD channels you’ll receive access to. Don’t forget to include a super advanced HD or HD DVR receiver so you can enjoy the HD channels in your package lineup.

DIRECTV has the Highest Customer Satisfaction

Count on DIRECTV to keep you satisfied. Your enjoyment is definite with DIRECTV, and the proof is in the customer satisfaction rating. For the 16th year in a row, DIRECTV rated higher in customer satisfaction than cable. As compared to major subscription cable TV providers: 2001- 2016. 2016 American Customer Satisfaction Index.

For years, DIRECTV has consistently surpassed cable satisfaction ratings, so you can expect to absolutely love your service. And with unbeatable HD channel lineups, nationwide availability, amazing equipment and great value, it’s easy to see why DIRECTV keeps winning the top spot!


Can’t miss your NFL team every Sunday? Want to enjoy their wins (and lament their losses) from the comfort of your own home, even if you’ve moved away from your hometown? With NFL SUNDAY TICKET, only from DIRECTV, you can!

This exclusive package delivers more football coverage than any other television provider – with every game, every Sunday, NFL SUNDAY TICKET brings all the action to your living room!2 No one else can offer you every out-of-market game on football day.

In addition, NFL SUNDAY TICKET includes other impressive features you won’t find anywhere else. Watch up to eight different games all at one time,3 see every game in amazing HD,4 watch games On Demand,5 track players6 and get stats and scores on your TV with just a press of a button.

Upgrade to NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX and get even more football coverage.7 Tune in to RED ZONE CHANNEL® during games,8 watch Short Cuts of games in 30 minutes or less9 and take games with you on the go using the mobile viewing app!10 DIRECTV and NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX make Sundays better than ever!

Choose DIRECTV for Your Home Today and Enjoy!

Learn more about packages and equipment available from DIRECTV, and get even more proof that DIRECTV is the greatest choice for your home entertainment. From sports and movies to equipment and innovative ways to watch – DIRECTV offers everything you need to have the best TV experience.


Call today to learn more about limited-time offers and ways you could even save on your DIRECTV package. Excellent TV gets even better when it comes with great deals! Call now to order!



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