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DIRECTV Equipment: Genie HD DVR and More

Once you’ve chosen your DIRECTV package and a great channel lineup, you’ll also need to choose your DIRECTV equipment. In order to enjoy DIRECTV service, you need a satellite dish, receivers at your TVs and a DIRECTV package. With these three together, you’ll enjoy a top-of-the-line entertainment experience!

Which receiver is right for you? Which offers the coolest features and most advanced controls? Learn about the DIRECTV Genie and other equipment, then call today to bring great TV to your home.

DIRECTV Genie: What is Genie?

The DIRECTV Genie is the most advanced HD DVR on the market. This equipment delivers satellite TV signals to your television, but also gives you the power to control how you watch TV. Don’t just watch television – pick what and when you want to watch!

What Does the DIRECTV Genie Do?

Genie connects all your TVs to the same DIRECTV DVR system – you’ll only need one Genie at your main TV, and smaller, more convenient Genie Minis at your other TVs. You can connect every television in the house with this system! Access your recordings on any television and record any five shows at the same time, all in crystal clear HD! No other HD DVR can give you that much freedom and choice when it comes to recording.

What ELSE Can the DIRECTV Genie Do?

In addition to recording as many as five shows at a time, Genie can do even more!

  • Watch four live or recorded shows in four different rooms at the same time. Everyone in the house can enjoy their show in any room.Access to programming based on package selection. Blackout restrictions apply to sports programming. Program must air in HD to record in HD.
  • Rewatch past episodes of shows that you may have missed, even as far back as five weeks prior.
  • Use the DIRECTV tablet app and turn your iPad into a remote control to operate your Genie.
  • Get personalized TV recommendations of programs you might like.Opt in to Genie Recommends required.

With Genie, you’ll stop fighting over the living room TV and start enjoying the shows you love.

Other DIRECTV Receivers and Equipment

Not interested in the super advanced Genie? DIRECTV also offers more basic receivers.

HD Receiver

For HD viewing and access to HD channels, you’ll need a high-definition receiver. DIRECTV offers a basic HD receiver that simply allows the ability to watch HD channels.

DVR Receiver

The DIRECTV DVR is a very basic version of Genie – the DVR allows you to record programming in much smaller quantities and on fewer televisions. You won’t be able to do as much as you could with Genie, but a standard DIRECTV DVR offers the ability to record programming to watch later.

Additional Equipment and Installation

You’ll also receive a DIRECTV remote and a satellite dish for your home. The dish will need to be positioned with a clear view of the southern sky in order for you to receive TV signals.

But – good news! Qualifying DIRECTV packages come with FREE standard installation. Your equipment will be installed without hassle and by an expert so you won’t have to worry about doing anything yourself.

Order Your DIRECTV Genie and TV Package Today

There’s no reason to wait – and, DIRECTV deals won’t last long. Call today to see if you’re eligible for any offers or deals on advanced DIRECTV equipment.

Get all your questions about packages, equipment, offers, channel lineups, mobile viewing, installation and local channels answered here. Find your match and call today to order the right DIRECTV package for your household. Start your order today – call now!


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