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DIRECTV Technology

Since launching in 1994, DIRECTV has fulfilled the home entertainment needs of millions of consumers. One of the reasons behind the company’s rise to prominence in satellite television is technology.

Advances in engineering have resulted in quite a few different types of features. Many consumers will appreciate an opportunity to learn more about these developments, which have increased the number of channels they can receive, increased convenience and made for a better overall viewing experience.

Better satellite dishes

Many of the tech advances have actually centered on some of the antenna changes that have occurred over the past few years. This has produced some substantial improvements to overall performance.

The continued development of fractal antennas is one area of note. Fractal design enables an antenna to use its surface area with greater efficiency, which translates to better performance in a more compact package

The dishes used by satellite TV providers like DIRECTV have gotten much smaller, adding to their overall utility. Smaller dishes make the installation process easier and are visually less obtrusive. These improvements have made it much easier for people in apartments and smaller homes to enjoy the benefits of satellite television.

Wireless mobility and apps

DIRECTV has taken full advantage of improvements in wireless technology so that customers have access to programming on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Using certain mobile apps and devices, users can also program their DVRs remotely.1

These features have helped the company keep pace with trends in viewing habits and the public’s growing reliance on mobile devices.

Digital recording devices

DIRECTV and other providers continue to emphasize digital recording. DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) have grown remarkably more advanced in recent years, in terms of recording capacity and interactivity. These days it’s not unusual to see a single DVR connected to several different TVs throughout a customer’s home, performing functions that once required several devices.

High-definition and 3D

The improved picture and sound quality of HD programming has become something that many consumers see as a standard feature instead of an extra. DIRECTV has retained its spot on the cutting edge of high-definition television, with over 200 full-time HD channels.2

DIRECTV also offers movies and other programming in 3D for owners of 3D televisions.3

On Demand programming

DIRECTV has made great strides with another industry trend, known as On Demand programming. The digital library available to DIRECTV viewers includes several thousand movies and TV shows. Customers can also access a wide variety of new releases through DIRECTV CINEMA.4

The technology of choice

Most of all, technological improvements incorporated into DIRECTV service have given consumers greater ability to control what they watch and how they watch it. DIRECTV has made it easier than ever for customers to customize their viewing experience through the power of choice.





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