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DIRECTV XTRA Package: Get Extra Entertainment

Your search for great satellite TV plans ends here. Whatever you are looking for in a TV service, the DIRECTV XTRA Package has it. Learn more about DIRECTV services and the DIRECTV XTRA Package below.

What’s in the DIRECTV XTRA Package?

What matters most to you in a TV service? Is it channels, price or technology? Finding what you want shouldn’t be difficult. Get the channels and technology you want at a price you love with DIRECTV. Discover great features of the DIRECTV XTRA Package and other DIRECTV technology that will transform your home entertainment from average to amazing.

Channels in the DIRECTV XTRA Package

Great TV service starts with the right programming. With the DIRECTV XTRA Package, you get more than 205 digital channels to enjoy. With so many channels at your disposal, you’ll never have to worry about hearing “there’s nothing on TV.” Learn more about the channels available in the DIRECTV XTRA Package below:

  • Local Channels- DIRECTV is national TV service, but still offers local channels to 99 percent of customers.1 In fact, 98 percent of customers can get their local channels in high-definition.2 You can watch your local news, PBS channels and special programs all on DIRECTV.
  • Sports- Need quality sports programming in your life? Look no further than DIRECTV, the undisputed leader in sports. The DIRECTV XTRA Plan packs a major punch when it comes to sports programming. You get favorite sports networks like ESPN and NFL Network, as well as other sports channels like CBS Sports Network. All the sports lovers in your household will be thoroughly satisfied.

Technology and Satellite TV Plans

Technology is the second part of quality TV programming. Whether you’re looking for the latest and greatest technology, or just want quality technology to fit your satellite TV plans, DIRECTV has several options and features for you to choose from. These include:

  • HD Programming- Transform your TV experience with high-definition programming. See every detail while watching sports, action flicks and even lifestyle programming in the most crystal clear picture possible. DIRECTV has over 200 full-time HD channels in total, some available in every package, that will transform your entire home entertainment experience.3
  • DVR Service- With so many quality programs to watch, you will want a way to capitalize on your viewing options. That’s where a technology-advanced DVR comes into play. Whether you want a simple, standard DVR or the most-advanced HD DVR ever, like the Genie, DIRECTV has options for you. For instance, the Genie is a whole-home HD DVR, allowing you to record up to five shows at once, and watch four programs at any given time.4 It’s the perfect accompaniment to your DIRECTV XTRA Package.

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DIRECTV is available in 100 percent of U.S. households, with a clear view of the southern sky. Why wait any longer to get quality TV service for your home? Call now to learn more about DIRECTV prices and limited time offers in your area on the DIRECTV XTRA Package!


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