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Time Warner Cable > Nebraska

Find Out More About Time Warner Cable in Nebraska is not affiliated with Time Warner Cable and is operated by DirectStarTV, a DIRECTV authorized dealer.

Is it Right For You?

Ever ask yourself "is Time Warner Cable service in my area right for me?" It's a valid question for any family moving to Nebraska or business owner looking to open up shop. Time Warner Cable Nebraska services feature packages for TV, Internet and phone. There are over 200 channels of programming available to customers, Internet speeds of up to 50 Mbps and multiple calling packages with different calling features.


There are a variety of television packages offered by Time Warner Cable in Nebraska. Some of these packages are listed below:

  • Starter TV – One of the smaller TV packages offered by Time Warner Cable. Features over a dozen channels including a variety of local programming.
  • Standard TV – Over 50 channels as well as access to Time Warner Cable News and thousands of On Demand titles. Customers can also watch TV on mobile devices with the TWC TV® app.
  • Preferred TV – One of the larger TV packages customers can get with Time Warner Cable. Comes with over 200 channels including over 40 music channels and a variety of popular programming for all ages.


There are different packages for different kinds of users on the Internet. Some of these packages are featured below:

  • Basic – For users who just want to surf and stay connected. This package comes with Internet speeds up to 6 Mbps.
  • Standard – This Internet package comes with speeds up to 15 Mbps as well as access to Internet security software.
  • Turbo – For users who like to use streaming services, this package offers Internet speeds up to 20 Mbps.
  • Extreme – Comes with Internet speeds up to 30 Mbps as well as access to features like Home WiFi.
  • Ultimate – One of the larger packages offered includes Internet speeds up to 50 Mbps.


There are a few phone packages customers can choose when signing up with Time Warner Cable in Nebraska. These packages are listed below:

  • Home Phone National – A basic phone plan with unlimited calling options and access to call features.
  • Global Penny Phone Plan – A pay-as-you-go plan with calling options to over 40 countries.
  • International OnePrice® – A phone plan that features calling options to over 90 countries.

Time Warner Locations and Availability

If you would like to know more about Time Warner locations or availability for a specific area, click any of the cities that are listed below:


Time Warner Cable Nebraska and Other Providers

"Is Time Warner Cable service in my area right for me?" It's something everyone should ask themselves about Time Warner Cable in Nebraska or any other part of the country. In most cases, Time Warner Cable is not the only service provider in the area or even the best for your particular needs. Take some time and research Time Warner locations as well as the other service providers in the area. Make an educated decision before choosing Time Warner Cable.

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